Mentorship and post-competition support from Rick Barker, former manager to Taylor Swift.
VIP Delegate Registration for Canadian Music Week which includes access to conferences and networking events.
The opportunity to record an original track at one of Canada’s premiere recording studios.
A $500 shopping spree at Long & McQuade to pick-up whatever you need to take your music to its next level.
Professional photo shoot and branding mentorship with Sylvia Pond Photography.
A complimentary 1-hour legal consultation with Klein Taylor Oballa LLP Entertainment and Media Lawyers.
Professional music video produced, filmed and edited by Esteemmedia Productions.
A 1-hour consultation with an agent from The Feldman Agency; the same agency that represents artists like Carly Rae Jepsen, Nelly Furtado and Our Lady Peace.

Danya Dixon
Vice-President of Programming for Canadian Music Week.

C.J. Allen
President of Allegiance Music and an independent talent promoter.

Juneyt Yetkiner
Internationally renowned Flamenco
guitarist and performer.

Brad Moore
On-air radio personality with 107.5 Dave Rocks’ Morning Buzz.

After four incredible seasons, Canada’s fastest growing vocal talent competition “The Shot” returns this fall in search of the best and brightest emerging talent from across Canada and the world.

“The Shot” creator and executive producer C.J. Allen, Danya Dixon and Juneyt Yetkiner return as judges with Brad Moore returning as host.

With the search open to acts age 16 and up from anywhere in the world, “The Shot” is providing an opportunity for singers to be seen and be heard by new audiences. The series is a true celebration of creativity and talent, featuring a colourful array of singers from any genre, all vying to win the audience’s hearts and the career launching grand prize.

For its 4th season in November 2017, “The Shot” welcomed over 200 singers from across Canada, the United States and even as far away as The Bahamas to open auditions in Kitchener-Waterloo. Matthew Boutros, a 20-year old server from Ottawa, Ontario, took home the grand prize by winning over the judges and the audience with his soulful, pop sound.

Past highlights include Season 2 winner James Downham in 2015 who has gone on to perform in major venues across the province with ‘The James Downham Band’ after releasing his self-titled EP. “The Shot” is produced by Allegiance Music.

Stacey Zegers Returning for ‘All-Stars’

After a season off from judging, former panelist Stacey Zegers is returning as a judge and mentor for The Shot’s forthcoming special All-Stars edition in June.

The All-Stars edition will feature 16 of the most talented winners and finalists from the previous four seasons. Culminating with a final show where the All-Stars winner will be selected, as with previous seasons — by the audience, All-Stars is a chance for some to hold onto their title while also an opportunity for redemption for others.

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Hit Maker Rick Barker Joins ‘The Shot’

KITCHENER, Ont., April 16, 2017 — Performers participating in the fifth season of Canada’s biggest singing competition, The Shot can look forward to yet another perk as part of the career-launching prize package which will be awarded to one lucky singer in September. Rick Barker, founder of Music Industry Blueprint and former manager to pop sensation Taylor Swift, has announced his involvement as a guest judge and mentor for the upcoming season’s winner.

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Jonathan Farrington Talks About ‘The Shot’

By DeeAnna Rollins
Photo by Sylvia Pond Photography

Jonathan and Music

It started in preschool. He was always singing. In the car, in the bath, at school. He started in choirs and plays at a very young age, and he stuck to it. He’s always had an unexplainable connection with music. No one in Jonathan’s immediate family is musical. No one sings or plays an instrument … he was alone.

Recently, he found out that his great-grandfather was a musician and all of a sudden, everything made sense. It was in his blood, it skipped a couple of generations but it was there.

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Trevor Dubois Talks About ‘The Shot’

By DeeAnna Rollins
Photo by Sylvia Pond Photography

Some stuff about Trevor

It all started with Guitar Hero. Trevor Dubois, stage name “Charlie the Kid” was 11 years old and he just couldn’t take his hands off of that little plastic guitar.

“It was the bees-knees,” he said with the same excitement that we all know Trevor to have.

From there he discovered so much more. He discovered bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitar. He found singing and song writing, and eventually, he found producing.

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Yvonne Way Talks About ‘The Shot’

By DeeAnna Rollins
Photo by Sylvia Pond Photography

A little bit about Yvonne:

Yvonne grew up in a musical family: her mother was a singer and her father played guitar. At a very young age, she knew that one day she would follow in their footsteps and become a musician; and at the age of 15, she did.

She joined the church choir that her mother worked at, and she was in that choir for 22 years. She always studied music in school, she learned how to play the viola, and she took vocal classes, but that just wasn’t enough, and so she took up private lessons.

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