Video auditions for the fifth season of Canada’s biggest and fastest growing singing competition are open now! We’re beginning this new season with video auditions to make the competition more accessible to artists from across Canada and the world.

So does it work?

First, pick your song. It can be a cover or an original. You can accompany yourself or using a backing track or sing a Capella. The choice is totally yours. It’s your video! Choose a song that showcases your voice, that shows who you are as a performer and that is reminiscent of your genre.

Decide what you’d like to say. We recommend that you start your video with a bit of an intro to who you are. Write it out if that would help. Tell us your name, your age, where you’re from and a little bit about your passion for music. Finally, tell us what song you’re going to sing.

Prepare to record and DO IT! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy! You can record yourself with a video camera, your webcam or even your phone. You don’t have to pay to have something professionally done. The judges won’t be critiquing in the quality of your video. Again, it’s your video! Record it however you like!

Upload it. Once you’ve got your video done and you’re happy with it, upload your video to Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook or any other video hosting website or platform. When it’s uploaded and live online, you’re ready to register and submit your audition video.

The last step is to register and submit your video. OK, your video is done and it’s uploaded! Way to go! Now, you can head over to the Auditions page and get yourself signed up to be considered for the Live Auditions in September.