By DeeAnna Rollins
Photo by Sylvia Pond Photography

Some stuff about Trevor

It all started with Guitar Hero. Trevor Dubois, stage name “Charlie the Kid” was 11 years old and he just couldn’t take his hands off of that little plastic guitar.

“It was the bees-knees,” he said with the same excitement that we all know Trevor to have.

From there he discovered so much more. He discovered bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitar. He found singing and song writing, and eventually, he found producing.

He wanted nothing to do with Walkman radios and CDs growing up. Instead, he listened to his mom’s vinyls and went to concerts.

From then on, he knew that nothing else would satisfy the way that music did.

“I just fell in love with music, there was nothing else.”

The Shot

Along with many other contestants, Trevor found out about The Shot online and he thought nothing of it until he started to research more.

The more he Googled, the more interested he became. Eventually, he made the decision to travel from Toronto to audition.

The Auditions

“I expected to sing, and make friends and go home.”

Trevor never imagined himself making it anywhere past auditions.

But with his spunky attitude and his cover of Closer by The Chainsmokers (sang in the style of I’m Yours by Jason Mraz), he made it to callbacks.

All he wanted was the experience. This was all new to him. Auditioning, singing in front of judges, getting constructive criticism. It was all new and Trevor had no idea what he was in for.

Most memorable moment

“Cup, cup, cup. I will never forget that.”

Trevor sang his original song Song About a Cup at callbacks, and it was an experience like no other.

“I don’t really remember singing it, I’ve sung it 1,000 other times. This time was different.”

It was different because he was the first person at callbacks to bring the crowd into his song. He remembers the reaction of the rest of the contestants. There were 70 other people in that room singing his original song back at him. In this moment, Trevor was truly himself.

“I was happy. I was in my zone, it was nice.”

Everyone else was happy. CJ was happy. All was well.

Favourite Part

A favourite part for Trevor was all of the networking and “friend-making” that went on.

He learned a lot of things from a lot of people throughout this whole experience.

The cameras, the other amazing contestants, the judges and their “massive brains and awesome feedback,” the friends he made and the new confidence that Trevor found.

What have you learned?

“I learned that I can do dope sh*t if I step outside my comfort zone,” spoken truly like the Trevor we’ve grown to know and love.

Trevor did a lot of things that made him uncomfortable. He never thought he was good enough to move on.

“After doing things like this, things that you are afraid to fail at, and making it … You feel like anything is possible. It’s the coolest feeling in the world.”