We know The Shot would not be possible without our generous sponsors. So when local music store, The Beat Goes On, agreed to be a Premier Sponsor for another season I had to catch up with founder John Rochetta to hear why they remain a proud supporter of The Shot.

“The Shot is a natural fit with The Beat Goes On, because of its alignment with one of our main product line: music,” said the Conestoga College business grad who built The Beat Goes On into one of Canada’s largest “brick and mortar retailers” of used CDs, DVDs and video games. “I also absolutely love the community aspect of The Shot. The arts and culture in the KW region is getting better and better and gaining more momentum. And The Shot adds to the portfolio in the arts and culture community.”

Similar to his business of helping customers find new or different genres of music or entertainment, he sees this in The Shot as well. “It’s all about discovering a new genre of music, talent and live arts performances and productions,” remarked John.

John’s continued support of The Shot is also closely tied to his contribution to our community with Music and Movies in Waterloo Park, a community event that brings family and friends together every July and August with free family movies and musicians. He is very proud to support aspiring musicians and new talent as they begin their journey as artists.


“What C.J. Allen is doing [with The Shot] is fantastic! The Shot is allowing young talent to take to the stage to showcase their art,” exclaimed John. In addition to a focused platform, he is extremely thrilled about The Shot’s emphasis on mentoring and coaching of these young artists: “Students are interested and engaged and this plays an important part in attracting and retaining talented people to live, work and play here.”


Even though it is an honour to be recognized as one of the top intelligent cities in the world, John also believes “an arts and culture community that includes the performing arts which brings energy and vitality to communities, which leads to more restaurants, festivals and public performances. To have a really dynamic city and a region that people want to live in, you have to have an arts and culture scene. There needs to be something for people to do when they leave work. And that is why The Shot needs to be in every major city!”


This blog post was written by the director of The Shot, Thuy Hilderly.