‘The Shot’ Moves to Toronto

Kitchener, Ontario — Among the many changes coming to The Shot for Season 5 in September, Executive Producer C.J. Allen has announced that the next season’s finale will be held in Toronto.

“Our Season 5 final will be held on September 30th at the beautiful Lyric Theatre at the Toronto Centre for the Arts,” said Allen, “This move is something that our senior team has discussed for a very long time; Kitchener-Waterloo is where it all started and we’ll continue to do segments of the program in KW but now, we’re very excited about this move and to be in the Greater Toronto Area for the final.”

Tickets to the Season 5 finale will go on sale starting August 30th. 10 finalists will perform for the audience vote and the chance to become the next winner of Canada’s largest independent vocal talent competition.

Jonathan Farrington Talks About ‘The Shot’

By DeeAnna Rollins
Photo by Sylvia Pond Photography

Jonathan and Music

It started in preschool. He was always singing. In the car, in the bath, at school. He started in choirs and plays at a very young age, and he stuck to it. He’s always had an unexplainable connection with music. No one in Jonathan’s immediate family is musical. No one sings or plays an instrument … he was alone.

Recently, he found out that his great-grandfather was a musician and all of a sudden, everything made sense. It was in his blood, it skipped a couple of generations but it was there.

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Big Changes Coming to ‘The Shot’ Judging Panel

The Shot confirms that judge Nadia Mazzarolo will not be returning for the show’s 2017 program which includes the highly anticipated All-Stars iteration in June and the fifth season in September. Mazzarolo joined The Shot for its fourth season in November 2016 and led the girls’ group. In addition to judging, Mazzarolo also assisted with securing venues and was involved with public relations.

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