The Shot executive producer and judge C.J. Allen has launched Allegiance Music, a music business agency that will work alongside solo-artists and groups to help them establish, build and successfully manage their goals and their own businesses. The firm will also function as a talent incubator for independent artists and will facilitate the recording, mastering, production and distribution of albums in partnership with AME Recording Studio.

“The music industry is rapidly evolving. There’s so much artists can do to get themselves and their music out there without a major label or a manager or an agent to do the work for them. Understanding your business, the nooks and crannies and the nuances of it is incredibly important,” says Allen, “I want independent artists to be successful on their own and feel just as comfortable and confident doing their taxes as they do on stage or with a guitar in their hands. DIY music business is the way forward for singers, songwriters and bands that want to make a great living doing what they’re passionate about.”

Allen will work directly and personally with artists as the agency’s principal consultant while contracted industry experts will also be brought on board to advise and provide additional opportunities.

In addition to providing customized, affordable coaching and management services, Allegiance Music will also take responsibility for production of The Shot starting with season 5 of the vocal talent search competition scheduled for this fall. Prior to the launching of Allegiance Music, The Shot had been operated and managed independently.

For its first project, Allegiance Music will be hosting an eight week music business workshop series starting in February 2017. The series will be lead by industry professionals and will focus on the basic pillars of starting and running a music business.

Allegiance Music can be found on Facebook at and at