Fresh off her residency performing at the Shangri-la Muscat resort in Oman, season 1-3 judge and accomplished singer-songwriter Joni NehRita is returning to The Shot for season 4 as guest judge for the callbacks and resident mentor. Joni will join veteran judges Juneyt Yetkiner and C.J. Allen along with new judges Nadia Mazzarolo and Danya Dixon at the judges’ table following the auditions which begin November 4.

“[The Shot] offers the opportunity for friendship and real, genuine mentorship, I love being part of The Shot and am excited to be back in this new role and to see all the amazing talent,” says Joni, who will be returning to Oman for her second stint at the Shangri-la in January.

Joni has been known for her straight-forward assessment of talent coupled with her caring and nurturing attitude toward participants in seasons 1, 2 and 3. As one of the original judges still involved with the program (aside from executive producer and judge C.J. Allen), Joni brings a seasoned perspective to the role. In addition to helping the new panel evaluate the performers who advance to the callbacks round on November 6, Joni will also work with The Shot season 4 finalists on a group performance that will kick-off the grand finale on November 26 and will work together with the other judges to mentor the finalists leading up to the big day.

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