Following the successful release of her debut album in spring 2016, The Shot producers have confirmed award winning country music singer-songwriter Jessie Treneer (Jessie T) will join returning judges Juneyt Yetkiner, Danya Dixon, Joni NehRita and C.J. Allen as the new fifth judge for season 5 this September.

Host Brad Moore, together with a beaming Jessie T, made the announcement in late May on The Shot’s Facebook page in a live video.

“When we decided to open a fifth seat on the judging panel for season 5, I immediately went to Jessie,” said executive producer C.J. Allen, “She’s a rising star. She’s been through and is going through what many of the acts we see are experiencing. She’s growing, she’s making things happening for herself and the fact that she has that experience under her belt is going to make her an awesome mentor and resource to the talent in September.”

Jessie has been fortunate enough to learn, write and work with many of Canada’s top industry professionals and musicians (eg: John Landry, Jamie Warren, J.K Gully, Steve Hogg, Shane Guse and Carrie Lynn DeMaeyer) and has performed on stages with John Landry, Ambush, the Abram Brothers and Tonya Kennedy.

“I have a huge love for music,” said Jessie while speaking with Brad Moore, “so anything that allows me to be more involved, I’m happy to do but mentoring … I’m super excited to take what I’ve learned from the industry and from being a musician and help [other aspiring artists] any way I can.”

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